Official Transcript

We do not accept faxed transcript requests or requests submitted as email attachments. All transcript requests and attachments to transcripts must be submitted in one of these three ways:

  1. In person at the Registrar's Office (003 Wilder Tower).
  2. By postal mail, using the Off-Campus Transcript Request form.
  3. Online via TranscriptsPlus.                            .

Basic Considerations

UofM Undergraduate Applying to UofM Graduate School

If you are a UofM undergraduate student applying to Graduate School at UofM, you do not need to request that an official transcript be sent to Graduate Admissions. This office has access to your transcript.

Transcript Holds

We cannot release your transcript if you have any outstanding obligations to the University (unpaid fees or fines, unreturned equipment or uniforms, etc.), or if a transcript "hold" has been placed on your records for judicial, admissions-related, or other reasons. For more information, see Viewing Holds.

Required Information

When making a request, regardless of the method you use, be prepared to provide the following:

  • Your complete name and any former names under which you attended.
  • Your U-Number or the last four digits of your Social Security Number (if you do not have a U-Number). For TranscriptsPlus, you must provide your complete SSN if you do not have or know your U-Number.                        
  • Your birth date.
  • The first and last years you attended the University of Memphis.
  • If the transcript should be held for current semester grades or a degree (indicate degree type).
  • If the transcript should be held for a pending grade change (indicate  course and semester).
  • The number of copies desired and mailing addresses.


Provide/include any enclosures that are to accompany your transcript. Do not mail any enclosure to us, including a request from an outside transcript service, without our Off-Campus Transcript Request form attached. Enclosures often lack the information we need to identify your record, thus, preventing us from processing your request.

"Issued to Student"

Any transcript released directly to you will have ISSUED TO STUDENT stamped or printed on it.

Processing Time

Regardless of the Request Method you choose, your transcript must be reviewed and prepared by the Registrar's Office before it can be sent. This process can take several business days (excludes Saturdays, Sundays, and University holidays).

Request Methods

Before selecting a method ask yourself the following question:

  • Does the recipient wish to receive my transcript electronically? If "Yes," TranscriptsPlus is your only request option. If "No," you can use any of our request methods.                            .

Methods: Summarizing Features



  • Current Students – Login to myMemphis, go to your Student page, and use the "TranscriptsPlus" portlet. Click on the "TranscriptsPlus" icon that appears at the top of the portlet.
  • Former Students – Visit the TranscriptsPlus website to complete your request. Since you are not being authenticated through the portal, you will be asked to complete and submit a FERPA release form before you can complete a transcript request. FERPA regulations require that you personally authorize the release of your transcript to a third party.

Formats: Hard Copy (UofM transcript security paper) or PDF (sent electronically)

Costs: $2.85 per each transcript requested. All major credit cards (debit or credit) are accepted.

Delivery: PDF transcripts are sent electronically. Hard copies are mailed via USPS or can be sent by FedEx, if you have and active FedEx account.

Other Considerations:

  • AACOMAS - This organization does not accept electronic transcripts, so TranscriptPlus' PDF is not an option. Visit the AACOMAS website for more information.
  • Teacher Licensure - PDF copies cannot be used for teacher licensure purposes: only hard copies are acceptable.
  • TranscriptsPlus is available 24 x 7.
  • TranscriptsPlus allows you to check on the status of your request and receive a delivery confirmation message.
  • TranscriptsPlus FAQ page.

In Person

How: Go to the Registrar's Office, 003 Wilder Tower, to complete an in-office "Transcript Request" form. Be sure to have a picture ID with you.

Format: Hard Copy - UofM transcript security paper

Costs: Up to 20 copies FREE. Each copy over 20 costs $5.00. If you are requesting more than 20 transcripts, you must complete an in-office "Excess Transcripts Charge" form as well.

Delivery: Pick up your transcripts in person at 003 Wilder Tower or request that they be mailed (USPS). (If you want your transcript(s) sent by an express delivery service, you must make arrangements with the Registrar's Office.)

By Postal Mail

How: Complete, sign, and submit an Off-Campus Transcript Request form.  We will not process your request without your handwritten signature. Our Mailing Address is:
University of Memphis / Transcripts / 003 Wilder Tower / Memphis, TN 38152

Format: Hard Copy - UofM transcript security paper

Costs: Up to 20 copies FREE. Each copy over 20 costs $5.00. If you are requesting more than 20 copies, you must complete and submit an Off-campus Excess Transcripts Charge form with your transcript request.

Delivery: Pick up your transcripts in person at 003 Wilder Tower or request that they be mailed (USPS). (If you want express delivery service, you must call the Registrar's Office at 901.678.3927 to make arrangements.)